Why Compass AMS ?

Compass Day Care aim is to provide a full range of person centred care and support to allow service users living under care (parent/carers or residential care or nursing homes or living in their own homes) to integrate in the community and take part in activities, including therapeutic activities that are helpful for their mental health, physical health, well-being and quality of life. Our Day Care Centre caters for the needs of frail older people, older people with physical disability, learning disabilities or Autistic Order, sensory impairment, mental health conditions or dementia or other long-term illness.

Compass Day Care services helps to relieve the social loneliness and isolation of people living on their own and assists people in maintaining independence. Our services are service are safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led. Learning disabilities or autistic disorder

Compass Day Care provides

Support for vulnerable elderly people with complex health needs living in the community.

Opportunities to develop new skills and lifestyles and maximize potential.

Rehabilitation, health promotion and access to therapists (provided in some centres).

Close links with health, social services, community facilities which can provide different choices and opportunities.